Being Green

Biodegradable Packing Peanuts

-Every order we've shipped since 2010 has been packed with 100% biodegradable packing peanuts.  (You can even eat them but they could use a little salt...)  We also pack our orders in the fewest boxes possible.


-We switched to our more compact Shoebox design in 2010, which uses less plastic and travels less miles.  Our customized Shoebox design comes from Skyline Plastic Systems, a family-owned business located just outside Asheville, NC.  Skyline also takes back any of our unusable plastic to recycle into new products.


-We switched to sealing all boxes we ship with unbleached paper tape in 2012. Your ShoeboxTasks order is packed in a fully biodegradable way.


-We switched to packaging all our manipulatives in bioplastic bags in 2012. The sturdy bags incorporate plant starch and degrade more quickly than traditional plastic.


-We get as many of our ShoeboxTasks components as possible from local and regional sources.  We support 4 companies in Buncombe County, 5 additional North Carolina businesses, and 2 in SC for our supplies.  Our Shoebox Lids are cut in-house.  We also work with a photographer & a design consultant/illustrator for our printed literature, both based in Asheville.


-We use eco-friendly cleaning products in our shop and environmentally-responsible office procedures (printing in grey-scale and only what's necessary, using inked stamps instead of labels).


-We recycle paper, cardboard, and all containers


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