2016 Pricing

ShoeboxTasks and related products new prices take effect January 2016


Product CodeDescriptionNew Price
BC Basic Curriculum: Set of Tasks 1-16 $325
Motivational Tasks
T17 Task17: Red Buttons In Water $38
T25 Task25: Flex Tube $38
T27 Task27: Drum Roll $45
T34 Task34: Positive Attraction $45
Pre-Academic Tasks
T18 Task18: Bead Stack 1-5 $38
T20 Task20: Letter, Shape, Number, Color Match $54
T26 Task26: Color Match Sequence $40
T30 Task30: Bead Patterns $38
T32 Task32: Shape-Up $38
T33 Task33: Around the Block $45
T36 Task36: Bullseye $43
Pre-Vocational Tasks
T19 Task19: Megablok Assembly $38
T23 Task23: Match, Assemble & Package $45
T37 Task37: Variations $43
Fine Motor Tasks
T21 Task21: Bead Slide $38
T22 Task22: Lacing $40
T24 Task24: Pipettes $38
T28 Task28: Pompom $38
T29 Task29: Closure $38
T31 Task31: Stretch $38
T35 Task35: Twister $38



Media Items

HB ShoeboxTasks Handbook: Activities Designed with Success in Mind $35
FT FolderTasks: Set of 3 $30
ED CD ShoeboxTasks Educational CD $30
DVD TEACCH DVD: Principles of Structured Teaching $25
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