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August 2011

Dear Friends,

I hope you are all doing well despite these very challenging times.  We are continuing to push forward, correcting that which is not working and creating new product that will help teacher and student progress.  We would love to hear from you, especially since the introduction of our new Shoeboxes & lids.  Our feedback contest is still alive, since we've received just a couple of comments as a result of the offer made in the last newsletter.  We will continue to offer free motivational activities for what we deem to be the best (not necessarily the most complimentary) feedback about the Tasks and their use at school, in the home or in a therapy situation.  Also, we still have some of the old Shoeboxes & lids, so if you need replacement parts, let us know now.

Redesign for Lids 20 and 21 


Lid 20



 We now have available the newly designed lids for Tasks 20 and 21.  For Task 20-Letter/Shape/Number/Color Match the lid has slits (as before) on one side and pre-formed indentions on the other side.  This allows the student to match a symbol from an upright position to one that is positioned in the indented portion of the lid.  The student will be matching symbols on wooden nickels to like symbols on wooden nickels.  I think this is a vast improvement over what we've had in the past.  If anyone is not satisfied with their current Task 20 let us know and we will send you this updated lid (and base if you have the old one) plus an additional set of wooden nickels with symbols attached for matching purposes, all at no cost to you.  Another nice feature of this new lid is that it can be used without the base, which gives it a whole new look and feel.




 bead slide

 Lid 21



Task 21-Bead Slide looks very different, although it is serving the same purpose as it did previously.  There are two channels for sliding the beads.  They are each moving in opposite directions and each potentially address midline issues. We've been able to eliminate the two dowel supports which not only streamlines the activity but keeps the cost down.   If you have the older version of this Task and prefer the new design, let us know and we'll ship it to you with our compliments.



Introducing 3 folder tasks for assessment purposes


It's important to assess your student periodically to determine if s/he is capable of doing work in a more subtle format (one that more closely resembles traditional schoolwork).  ShoeboxTasks are designed to be starting points for young students on the spectrum but all too often they are used as busywork, due to the fact that the student enjoys doing them and is successful.  In TEACCH classrooms, the student may start out doing ShoeboxTasks but then transitions to a mix of folder tasks and ShoeboxTasks before moving on to the exclusive realm of folder activities and other similar work. 


 three folder tasks


The three folder tasks pictured all contain materials that are part of the ShoeboxTasks. This familiarity with the materials may contribute to their success.  During a one-on-one session, introduce a folder task along with the other activities you have planned.  With several successful completions add this folder task to the student's independent work.  Use these three folder tasks as starting points.  There are endless variations on this theme.  Be creative.




Shipping rates going up for some parts of the US


We attempt to keep our shipping costs at a minimum, charging just enough to cover our costs for getting these activities to you.  The delivery companies have had several price hikes in recent months and we've had to make some adjustments accordingly.  The following states will begin paying a little more for shipping:


14% total cost of order:  AZ, CA, ID, MT, NV, OR, WA


13% total cost of order: CO, NM, UT, WY


Hawaii and Alaska remain at 18%


All other states in the US remain at 10% 




Contest still open for best feedback comments


Several months ago we offered to give away some of our Motivational ShoeboxTasks to those of you who could give us the best feedback related to how these activities are working out in classrooms, therapy rooms, or homes.  3 winners will be chosen.  Top winner gets to choose 3 of our 4 motivational activities, second place chooses 2, and the third place winner can choose 1. Since we did not get but a few replies we are holding the offer open for another month.  Please take a few moments to write to us.  We love hearing from you and we do respond to both your praise and your criticism.  




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