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Welcome to our newly renovated website.

Welcome to our newly renovated website, We can now provide up-to-date information about ShoeboxTasks and present information of general interest to you. Hopefully you will find the site working efficiently and easily. We are still in the renovating process so please check back to view the ongoing improvements.
We have just introduced THREE NEW TASKS FOR 2008.

Yet to come will be a link from our website to YouTube where you can view our PROMOTIONAL CD. This CD is filled with useful information and practical examples of working children and adults with Autism. It will be accessible in two parts: Part One provides helpful information about using ShoeboxTasks within a TEACCH structured pre-school environment; Part Two gives an overview of our Vocational Workshop where ShoeboxTasks are manufactured and packaged. Please feel free to download the CD and pass it on to friends and colleagues.

We can all make a difference

We feel it necessary from to time to time to think outside of the ShoeboxTask “box”.   It’s more important than ever to think about the ways in which we all can bring about positive, healing change to our world. With this attitude in mind we invite all students between grades 4-12 to participate in an art project that will benefit the residents of New Orleans. Conceptual Artist and humanitarian, Mel Chin, a friend and neighbor, has created an art project that is targeted for classrooms throughout the United States. Lesson plans and information on how you can participate are located at (Password: paydirt).  I know there are many students out there, with and without Autism, who are real creative artists. Let’s all put these talents to use for a greater cause and please pass this opportunity on to others whom you think might want to join in. 

ShoeboxTasks Educational CD

Our Shoeboxtask Educational CD has been available for several months and has received praise and positive responses from classrooms around the world. Please check out the sample activities on our website by encouraging your students to work with them.

Sharing your Stories

We especially look forward to hearing about your experiences with ShoeboxTasks. Your feedback is important to us so please don’t hesitate to reply with both the positives and the negatives. We rely on you for honest feedback for helping us get a sense of how ShoeboxTasks are working in your particular setting.

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