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It’s been over six years since our last price increase for the ShoeboxTasks.  During that time, many of our suppliers have increased the cost of many of our inventory items.  It is important to us to have these activities be affordable to those who can most benefit by them.  In the past we have asked you, the customer, to do some of the assembly work, thereby cutting our labor costs.  We will continue to look for ways to cut our labor costs, passing that savings onto you in the form of prices that remain fixed.  That said, there will be a price increase between 6 and 7 percent at the beginning of 2016.  These new prices can be found here and on literature distributed with the Tasks when purchased.

In a related event, UPS is raising its rates 5% in January, 2015.  This will require that we adjust our rates to keep pace.

Changes: We are in an age where bigger companies are buying out the smaller ones at an alarming rate.  The promise is that bigger is better.  That has not been our experience.  Service usually gets much worse, waiting times for materials become much longer and the impersonal nature of relationship becomes much, much greater.  This has most recently happened with one of our suppliers.  We had bought plastic blocks from them for Tasks 12 and 19 at an exceptional deal for years because of how these products are used.  Along comes the giant “Company X” and buys the smaller company.  Now our supply has been cut off.  Fortunately, we have been flexible and resilient in the past when situations like this have occurred.  We are now in the process of having these items produced locally by the same family-run plastics company that makes our Shoebox bases and lids.  They will also modify the lids for Tasks 12 and 19.  The names will change for these Tasks but we think the Tasks themselves will be an improvement over what we have offered in the past.  Thus, change creates the possibility to demonstrate flexibility and also the opportunity to work out creative solutions.  These changes should start appearing the first part of the new year.


-Ron Larsen

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