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How Task17 has opened doors to learning for students

"Our Early Childhood Special Ed program has been using Red Buttons in Water for years and it's always been a hit, even with kids who are uninterested in other items we've presented. As well as being a teacher, I help do our preschool screening and intakes for children who will require special services. When we know we have a little one with autism coming in, I'm always told "bring the Buttons in Water with you to the screening"! I grab my Task and it's always been the key to making new little kids feel welcome in an unfamiliar school environment when they walk in to meet us for the first time. If we were to win a Red Buttons in Water Task, I'd donate it to the screening team who sees hundreds of kids each year! Thanks for making such quality products!"

-Laura Cacioppo
Preschool Special Education Teacher
CCSD59 Elk Grove, IL


"I taught special ed in IL for nine years. When I started structured teaching I had several students who would not work in their independent center at all. When the TEACCH coach gave me the [Red Buttons in] Water Task (number 17) that did the trick! Those students would put objects in water. That was the only motivating task. I tried to make my own, but the number 17 one was the one that was durable and a hit with the students! They liked seeing the red buttons drop in the tube. Thank you for that! I won teacher of the year two years in a row and number 17 was the task that helped me keep my students working when nothing else worked. Thanks again for that task! I now teach in Indiana and need to purchase another set of number 17s...I'm also teaching ESY in St. Charles, IL and need to purchase one for the summer session."

-Lynn Ritter
Merkley Elementary School
Highland, IN


"My students love to perform the Task of #17 Red Buttons in Water. It is something most of them can perform independently. The buttons are not too big or small. The Task is simple and enjoyable. Unfortunately, the students in our building must have enjoyed it so much that the tube is cracked and can no longer hold water. It doesn't stop me or my students from using it. The various ShoeboxTask that you make are wonderful tools and activities for working with students who have special needs. Keep up the great work!"

-Joe Galarza
Calvert County Public Schools, MD

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