ShoeboxTasks New Design for 2011!

Our new, customized Shoebox and lid!

Dear Friends,

It's been a while since our last letter and not without reason!  We have been working with a local plastics injection business creating our own molds for the ShoeboxTasks base and lid. The Shoebox and lid are a little smaller, sleeker, and better for handling purposes.  This also means that some of our Tasks have been redesigned and have updated literature.  We believe we have improved the quality of the tasks without sacrificing any of their effectiveness.  We will rely on your feedback as to how well these perform with your students, incorporating any additional changes based on this new information.

Finally, we are making every attempt to keep our prices from going up.  This means taking measures with how we do things to counter the rise in costs for our raw materials and we'll need your help in making this possible.  Check out the updated photos on the website with our brand new design!






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