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We were so impressed with this Visual shared by the Indiana Resource Center for Autism and we want to see more! We know all you educators, home-schooling families and adults on the spectrum are implementing creative structure in your daily routines and would love to see what works for you.ShoeboxTasks Task10 Packaging Visual
Discounted and FREE ShoeboxTasks

Guidelines for Entry:

Send photos of visual strategies that work for yourself, your child or your students to


Briefly describe how you use the Visual--does it lead to greater independence? A greater awareness of autism? Generally help in times of overwhelm? Perhaps it visually organizes your environment or work area or is a schedule enabling productivity, focus and relaxation.

***Due to underwhelming response (we get it--end of grade testing, wrapping up the year, deadlines and vacation plans...), we are extending our ShoeboxTasks Show and Tell Discount deadline until September 21st.***

Please give credit where it's due.

Let us know if you created the Visual yourself or who did (and ensure you have permission to share if you aren't the creator).  The creator of the Visual maintains all rights--we just want to highlight your work and help share resources with others! Of course, we will credit you as the creator and are happy to link to your blog or website.

All who participate receive a 10% discount off your next order.

We'll also vote on our favorites from the following categories:

  • Visual for Students
  • Visual Promoting Autism Awareness
  • Visual for the Workplace
  • Creator's Choice

The winner in each category receives a free ShoeboxTask (you can submit entries for as many categories as you wish).

We'll share all the entries on Facebook in the coming weeks.

We'll highlight your work on Pinterest, Facebook, and in our Fall Newsletter. All submissions must be received by September 21st, but you can take your discount as soon as you submit your entry.

Thanks for all you do.  We can't wait to see what you've come up with!

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