Upcoming Website Improvements

We've heard your feedback and are in the thick of some very exciting changes to our website! We recognize that as our product line has grown, the site has become difficult to navigate. In light of rising UPS and USPS prices, we've tried to consistently offer adequate shipping options to keep costs fair, taking into account the lowest price possible for your order's destination while also offering free shipping on media orders--but we realize this has resulted in a somewhat clunky system which has relied on you to carefully select which of these shipping options applies.

Another confusing element has been the fact that we supply ShoeboxTasks and related products to three distinctly different customers--educators at US schools and organizations, domestic families, and a growing International population. Each of these customers has a specific way of placing an order, based on both payment method and maintaining security for all concerned.   We see that it has not always been clear to our customers which option is for you and where to go to get the order process rolling.

In the next few months, we'll be streamlining the look and functionality of our website for utmost clarity. We're changing our interface to automatically select which order type you submit based on your needs. For those US schools and organizations moving into computerized purchasing, we'll be offering a way for you to submit your purchase orders directly through our website. We'll be ironing out the wrinkles in the shipping options for simplicity. And we'll be highlighting our Vocational Workshop for those interested in learning more about how we employ adults with autism to help assemble and package ShoeboxTasks. We expect the transition to be seamless and the resulting updated version of our website to be incredibly user-friendly. Thanks for your patience and for supporting ShoeboxTasks through all our developmental phases.



To show our appreciation, we're lowering the price of the ShoeboxTasks CD-Cover.gifEducational CD! Starting October 16th, the ShoeboxTasks Educational CD will be available at just $30 (including S&H for customers in the Continental US).

A computer game based on the same principles as ShoeboxTasks, our Educational CD allows the student to use a mouse to move a variety of shapes to be matched, stacked, or placed into containers on an interactive screen. Teachers tell us they've had positive results using the Ed CD with students not normally motivated to use the classroom computer.

Try our free interactive trial version here!

Let your students try it out to see how it meets their interests and if they are ready for more abstract activities.

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