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Ron Larsen, in his time as an NC TEACCH therapist, was involved in many workshops throughout the US and United Kingdom, lecturing and supporting teams of participants as they worked with students on the spectrum.  Since leaving the TEACCH program, Ron created a business around ShoeboxTasks, educational activities he designed while working as a therapist.  This business employs adults on the autism spectrum, working within a model environment designed to encourage clarity of purpose and independence.

Ron brings over 22 years of practical, hands on experience with individuals on the autism spectrum of all ages and abilities to each workshop and talk that he conducts.  These talks are designed to accommodate your specific situation, addressing concerns that are of importance to you.

Ron is particularly adept at organizing environments and designing visuals that would enable autistic individuals to be successful in mainstream business settings.  This also includes an educational component for those co-workers not on the spectrum, giving an important understanding about specific needs associated with their new autistic co-worker.  This is accomplished in concert with the individual on the spectrum to the extent that they are willing and able to do so.

Talks and consultations on the characteristics of autism, how to facilitate independence, elaborating on TEACCH structured teaching, and establishing a work environment for adults on the autism spectrum are examples of what Ron has addressed to date.

As always, Ron is also available for informal consultations via phone or email at no cost.  Just call 828-252-5111 or email  And, don't hesitate to arrange a visit to our workshop if you happen to be in or near Asheville.  We are happy to give you a tour.

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