Centering on Children is dedicated to providing creative learning activities for autistic individuals or those with learning disabilities who are beginning the process of 'learning how to learn.' They are the sole-source distributor of ShoeboxTasks®, employing adults on the autism spectrum in their Vocational Workshop, who work in packaging and assembling the Tasks with the guidance of job coaches. Please note: all manipulatives are easy to handle and large enough to prevent swallowing. 

Thank you for supporting Centering on Children, the adults with autism that we employ in our ShoeboxTasks Vocational Workshop, and the educational goals of your special needs student.

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Sound Cylinders

Sound Cylinders


Five pairs of sound cylinders offer teachers and students a unique opportunity to explore the world of sound. One of a set is placed in front of the student while the teacher retains the matching pair. The teacher shakes one of the cylinders and asks the student to match the sound from the five cylinders set before him/her. The student listens to the various sounds until the match is found. As a student tries out the various sounds, the teacher can repeat the sound of the cylinder as needed. When the match is found, the process is repeated with the next sound cylinder until all five have been matched correctly.

This is a great opportunity to strengthen listening skills and to gain a greater awareness and sensitivity to the world around us. Matching sound is abstract in nature and will require the appropriate instructions, so using any combination of words and/or pictures necessary to convey the goal of the task to the student is encouraged. The Sound Cylinders come in their own drawstring pouch for storage.

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