Replacement Kits

Replacement Kits

Recognizing the potential for wear and tear and Task components getting lost over the years, we offer replacement parts at minimal cost. They are sold as "kits" and are available for Tasks 1-37.  Each kit is a full set of the manipulatives for that specific Task. We cannot sell partial sets, though we are able to provide some additional items not shown here on an individual basis, such as tubes, round containers and lids...please contact us at for a quote on additional replacement parts not shown below.

Please note that we updated the Shoebox design in 2010, along with some of the Tasks themselves--if you require replacement Shoebox Bases or Lids and your original order was prior to 2011, you may need to reorder the complete Task.

How to Order

Replacement Kits are only available to existing customers. A password to view and order replacement parts is required. Please contact us with either the invoice number or billing name of your original ShoeboxTasks order. If you aren't sure of this information, contact us at and we will research it and provide you the password.

Product Updates

Since 2010, all Shoebox Bases and Lids are now custom designed and made especially for Centering on Children. They are slightly more compact, of a sturdier plastic, a bit darker in color, and snap together a little differently than the old design.  Due to the compact nature, some of the Tasks now have fewer manipulatives.

*Please note that all original 16-oz. containers in the older ShoeboxTasks are now 20-oz. containers.

Basic Curriculum UPDATES

  • Task 2 — 8-oz. container has been replaced by a second 20-oz. container
  • Task 8 — 8-oz. container is now a 20-oz. container
  • Task 10 — foamy locktagons were discontinued and replaced by hard plastic - these are not compatible with the older style
  • Task 12 — quantity changed from (6) to (8) megabloks
  • Task 13 — quantity changed from (5) larger to (7) smaller cups — these are not compatible with the older style
  • Task 14 — 8-oz. container is now a 20-oz. container
  • Task 15 — 8-oz. container is now a 20-oz. container

Tasks 17 - 37 UPDATES

  • Task 19 — foam block has been added underneath the cards for greater stability
  • Tasks 20 & 21 — both redesigned for functionality, with new Shoebox Lids, which are Task-specific. Task 20 now requires twice as many wooden discs, while the static cling sheet is no longer required. Task 2 no longer requires dowels or Velcro
  • Task 22 — quantity of bolts/nuts has changed from (15) to (12)
  • Task 25 — FlexTube with a smooth surface has changed to a FlexTube with a ribbed design, which is sturdier and more rigid
  • Task 28 — quantity of containers has changed from (5) to (4), quantity of pompoms has changed to (5) each of (4) colors
  • Task 29 — quantity of tubes changed from (5) to (4), quantity of pompoms changed from (5) to (4)
  • Task 36 — a blank white static sheet is now attached to the lid to allow the other static sheets to cling better
  • Task 37 — clothespin manipulative has been replaced by a plastic shoulder washer, the 8-oz. container is now a 20-oz. container

Please refer to the photos and diagrams of individual Tasks for more information on current designs.  Adjust requests for replacement parts based on the current components—we no longer have obsolete manipulatives or the older style of Shoebox Bases and Lids in stock.