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Dedicated to providing creative educational activities and opportunities for individuals with autism or disabilities who are “learning how to learn.”
  • ShoeboxTasks® provide the opportunity for children or adults who need a high degree of structure to experience success and build upon that success for greater skill and independence.


  • Developed by Ron Larsen during his time as a therapist with the TEACCH program, these Tasks have proven to be an educational breakthrough for otherwise uninspired learners.


  • Centering on Children is the sole-source creator and distributor of ShoeboxTasks®. We employ adults on the autism spectrum in our ShoeboxTasks Vocational Workshop. They assemble and package the Tasks independently, with the guidance of job coaches.

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  • We are proud to offer a work environment which provides dignity, fair wages and a sense of accomplishment for our employees, while implementing as many environmentally-friendly principles as possible.


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An unprecedented exploration of autism from the point of view of autistic people. The film's subjects occupy different positions on the spectrum but are all at pivotal moments in their lives. How they work out perceptual and behavioral particularities is a remarkable reflection revealing inventive adaptations among both those on the spectrum and neurotypicals--an emerging critique of what it means to be normal and what it means to be human.

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New ShoeboxTasks Prices

Due to a delay in product updates, we're extending our lower pricing. New prices will take effect later in 2016, but enjoy the lower prices until further notice.

Updated pricing for 2016


"Our Early Childhood Special Ed program has been using Red Buttons in Water for years and it's always been a hit, even with kids who are uninterested in other items we've presented. As well as being a teacher I help do our preschool screening and intakes for children who will require special ed services. When we know we have a little one with autism coming in I'm always told "bring the Buttons in Water with you to the screening"! I grab my Task and it's always been the key to making new little kids feel welcome in an unfamiliar school environment when they walk in to meet us for the first time...Thanks for making such quality products!"

-Laura Cacioppo
Preschool Special Education Teacher

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