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Centering on Children is dedicated to providing creative, educational activities and opportunities for autistic individuals with learning disabilities as they are "learning how to learn."

ShoeboxTasks® provide the opportunity for children and adults who need a high degree of structure to experience success. Developed by Ron Larsen during his time as a therapist with the North Carolina TEACCH program, the Tasks have proven to be an educational breakthrough for those students who are beginning their educational journey while developing greater independence. The Tasks also provide an example of the kind of visual organization necessary for teachers/caregivers who are serving this population.

Centering on Children is the sole-source creator and distributor of ShoeboxTasks, employing adults on the autism spectrum in its Vocational Workshop where they assemble and package the Tasks independently with the guidance of job coaches.

We are proud to offer a work environment that provides fair wages, dignity, and a sense of accomplishment for our employees, while implementing as many environmentally friendly principles as possible.

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Young students on the autism spectrum entering the educational setting for the first time can be easily overwhelmed. Besides changes to familiar routines, there are social challenges and possible sensory issues that can add to their discomfort. It makes sense that the activities presented during this transitional process do not add to these potential challenges. ShoeboxTasks activities help students make this adjustment more smoothly, and provide teachers with a design model they can emulate. 

Ron Larsen discusses "learning how to learn" in the video below...


Centering on Children has designed the ShoeboxTasks workshop to meet the needs of its autistic employees by providing a work environment that strategically uses visual aids and is organized in a way that encourages independence and success. Employees are not only productive wage earners, they enjoy having a sense of community at the workshop and also the satisfaction of knowing their work is important, appreciated and of great value.  

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