How To Order
& Payment

International orders from the following countries - United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Canada, France, Italy, Switzerland, Albania, and Denmark - may be placed through our online SHOP and paid directly with a credit card or PayPal. All other countries have varied shipping restrictions, therefore we ask that you complete our Estimate Request Form below and we will contact you with an exact shipping amount and a link to pay via PayPal (you do not need your own PayPal account to complete payment) or by bank transfer.

For further information:
Telephone 011-1-828-252-5111
Or Fax 011-1-828-252-7500


Shipping costs vary widely based on the destination, estimated weight of goods and box size required - some countries have size restrictions on boxes that affect overall shipping costs. We do our best to estimate these costs accurately, given information available from USPS and shipping software used, at any given time.

The US Postal Service is responsible for goods shipped to the foreign country’s port of entry, from which point your country’s own mail service assumes responsibility for delivering packages to their final destination. You are responsible for payment of any taxes, customs fees or duties levied by your country, at time of receipt. Please research your country's customs fees before ordering--we have no way of knowing what, if any, fees apply. Packages "unclaimed" due to unpaid customs/taxes are returned to Centering on Children, and you will be responsible for costs of reshipping the order if you still wish to receive it. Product and shipping prices will be in effect for 30 days, except for currency exchange rates which change daily.


Centering on Children makes every effort to ensure that you get your order in a safe and timely manner. You will automatically receive tracking updates from the US Postal Service to the email address you provide us. When the packages arrive at the port of entry, you assume responsibility for tracking packages from that point to their final destination.

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