Green Ethics

Being Green

Shoebox Tasks Shipping Area

Since 2010, every order we've shipped has been packed with 100% biodegradable packing peanuts (you can even eat them, but they could use a little salt). We also pack our orders in the fewest boxes possible.

2010 - We switched to a more compact Shoebox design, from Skyline Plastic Systems, a family-owned business located just outside Asheville, North Carolina. The new design utilizes less plastic and travels fewer miles overall. Skyline also takes back any of our unusable plastic to recycle into new products. The Shoebox Lids are customized in-house.

2012 - We started sealing all boxes we ship with unbleached paper tape. Your ShoeboxTasks order is packed in a fully biodegradable way.

We source as many of the ShoeboxTasks components as possible from local and regional sources - supporting four local companies in Buncombe County, five additional North Carolina businesses, and another two in South Carolina for supplies.

We also work with Asheville-based consultants: an illustrator, a photographer, a videographer, a website designer, and a business consultant.

We use eco-friendly cleaning products in the shop and environmentally responsible office procedures (printing in grey-scale and only when necessary, using inked stamps instead of labels).

We recycle paper, cardboard, and all containers.