Illinois, USA

"I taught special ED in Illinois for nine years. When I started structured teaching I had several students who would not work in their independent center at all. When the TEACCH coach gave me the Red Buttons in Water Task (#17), that did the trick! Those students would put objects in water. That was the only motivating task, and it was a big hit with the students! They liked seeing the red buttons drop in the tube. Thank you for that! I won Teacher of the Year two years in a row and #17 was the task that helped me keep my students working when nothing else worked. Thanks again for that task!"    Lynn R.

Glasgow, Scotland

"I’d like to take this opportunity to thank you again. No words can describe how magical our Christmas has been, and we owe that to ShoeboxTasks. They've allowed us to reset routines and balance the scales with learning , social skills, and communication within the few weeks we had left until Christmas, and have helped Lucius accept and enjoy the festive season."    ~ Cara C.

Rome, Italy

"I have been working with a three-year-old child for the last month. He was very closed, no interests, very short attention span and had problems with fine motor skills. He was not independent at all. But when he sees ShoeboxTasks, his eyes are full of curiosity, he works independently, and he really achieves success. When he smiles, I cry--it's magical!!"    ~ Silvia N.