ShoeboxTasks Printed Handbook - ENGLISH

ShoeboxTasks Printed Handbook - ENGLISH


Designed for teachers, therapists and parents working with young autistic children, the ShoeboxTasks - Activities Designed with Success in Mind - Handbook is an in-depth look at ShoeboxTasks and their use within TEACCH's Structured Teaching Approach in subjects such as motivation, routines, eliciting communication, and One-on-One and Independent Work sessions.

The ideas presented in the ShoeboxTasks - Activities Designed with Success in Mind - Handbook have been implemented with great success in homes and classrooms in North Carolina and elsewhere for many years. For parents, suggestions are made on how to structure home teaching sessions with their child. Examples are given for managing challenging behaviors as well as for making the transition from ShoeboxTasks to more abstract activities. For use in mainstream classrooms, Catherine Faherty's program 'Understanding Friends' is described in detail.

Also available in French, Italian and Spanish translations.

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