Centering on Children is dedicated to providing creative learning activities for autistic individuals or those with learning disabilities who are beginning the process of 'learning how to learn.' They are the sole-source distributor of ShoeboxTasks®, employing adults on the autism spectrum in their Vocational Workshop, who work in packaging and assembling the Tasks with the guidance of job coaches. Please note: all manipulatives are easy to handle and large enough to prevent swallowing. 

Thank you for supporting Centering on Children, the adults with autism that we employ in our ShoeboxTasks Vocational Workshop, and the educational goals of your special needs student.

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Folder Tasks Kit + DIY (set of 4)

Folder Tasks Kit + DIY (set of 4)


In TEACCH preschools, a common skill progression is for a student to progress from all ShoeboxTasks to a mixture of some ShoeboxTasks and some folder tasks, and then eventually, to all folder tasks and other more subtle/abstract activities. Our Folder Tasks are constructed of sturdy vinyl, using images students find familiar after working with ShoeboxTasks.

Periodically assess your student with one or more of these Folder Tasks. If s/he shows no interest, s/he is either not ready or may only respond to images that are of particular interest to that student. If the child is able and willing to manipulate the cards, and with help can be successful, continue using the Folder Tasks during one-on-one sessions. Once a student demonstrates independent mastery, add them to his/her independent work sessions.

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